SparkSignal FAQ's

We currently have a 10Gb Fiber Backbone.

The Internet backbone may be defined by the principal data routes between large, strategically interconnected computer networks and core routers of the Internet.

Yes, you can download as much as your heart desires!

Since 2000 we have been providing internet services to local customers in local urban, suburban, and rural areas.


The fastest we can provide internet service via fixed wireless currently is 200Mb on PtMP and 1Gb on PtP

With our current modulation and channel sizes we offer packages from 25 mb to 125Mb. Our higher speed packages work on MMwave technology.

We have licensed frequency that will work through trees. Please contact us for more info. The speed and packages on these types of technologies may differ.


No, in most cases you don’t need a tower, we can either mount with a J Bracket type mount or tripod and mast in some cases. In extreme cases we may need to use telescopic poles to get additional height for optimal signal. Considering a tower can be the last alternative because its always the most expensive.

All the equipment we use is from manufactures of reputable equipment that maintain current and advanced security technologies on their equipment and software. We update software and firmware as required on a regular basis to maintain security and compliance.


We do not guarantee our speeds. The internet speeds are always based on “up to”, our network is very robust and healthy, so internet speeds are never an issue in most cases. If you require guaranteed speeds and bandwidth then we can design the link to provide that in most cases.

The Installation “is basic” it covers radio installation at roof level (like a satellite dish). 1 x cable run no more than 75’ long. 1 x ground for CPE to closest ground point. You should have a “modern gigabit router” that we can connect to in your location. If you do not have a router, we sell a variety of them at our office for an additional cost.

Starlink is an alternative when you can’t obtain signal or the speeds you need. Starlink can’t compete with the ultra-low latency we have on earth. The system when it becomes overloaded will have different performance characteristics. There support is customer direct so there may be longer wait times for service, outages, and support. They’re not local and their packages are higher in price.

We’re working on what the cost and access to sites will be for ISP’s. These costs will need to be considered in the offering of services, also the location of each tower may not be ideal for any other network models besides theirs. We will continue to build our services regardless of what others will do. We can push newer technologies faster and without all the politics involved in doing so.

We are a CRTC registered telecommunications company, registered as a wholesale/reseller of broadband services.

We offer collocation in our pop sites. Please contact us for more details.